The Douwd are an extra-galactic race of energy entities that had omnipotent powers similar to the Q.


True Colours

The appearance of the Douwd, "Danny Land", in his true form

It is suggested that the Douwd existed in a galaxy far away from the Milky Way that was destroyed several milennia ago forcing any survivors to flee elswhere. The diaspora brought some Douwd to the Milky Way, where many of them hid in different societies attempting to blend in.

Powers and AppearanceEdit

In their true forms Douwd appear as energy entities in the shape of a humanoid, suggesting a humanoid ancestral background. Douwd are, however, clever shapeshifters and can appear as anything they wish. Their omnipotent powers allow them to create elaborate realities and illusions and also to destroy on a grand scale, even wipe out an entire race [ST:TNG - the Survivors] Their powers are similar to the Q, however they do not seem to possess any of the omniscient powers that the Q do exhibit. They are essentially immortal, but do not have the extreme age of the Q for they have only lived in their current stage of evolution for about 900,000 years, where as the Q have lived as entities since several octillion (10 to the 27) years ago.

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